This is my work space.

My Story

I've spent the majority of my career asking myself what it means to create impact. What originated with legal clinics, non-profits, and the federal government --- a desire to provide legal and economic alternatives to those who needed them --- shifted to something more tangible: Design. I wanted to learn how to apply the captive knowledge inside our contexts, environments, and heads and make tools and interactions more provocative and engaging. I've spent my time since, through internships, grad school, self-education, and design consultancies, learning how to do this. My vertical is design research and design strategy. I strive to translate these insights into outcomes: more engaging products, services, and experiences.  

venn diagram.png

My approach to design combines logic, intuition, and curiosity. It's also what I try to build into the user experience. 

LOGIC: "Make me think"
Create a pathway so users can accomplish their goals. Define discrete tasks and steps. 
INTUITION: "Don't make me think"
Understand how cues and signals tell users what to expect. Build in an inherent structure, one that is emotive and navigable. 
CURIOSITY: "Tickle me" 
Help users take their work a little bit further. Invite interest, intrigue, and play.

In my off-time, I enjoy trying everything firsthand, making attempts at humor, and being in water.