This is my work space.

My Story

After years of providing programmatic and operational support for the non-profit and public sectors, I've decided to take a turn and study the touch and feel of design broadly, including services and interfaces. I ask how they generate an emotive response and how we can use that response to encourage and stimulate behavioral change. It is my high hope to develop a career creating intuitive, elegant designs which prompt users to make better decisions.

venn diagram.png

This site was originally divided into three categories, envisioned as a Venn diagram. "Make me think" describes my analytical background which involves program development, qualitative research, data analysis, writing, and project management. "Don't make me think" refers to the user experience--a lot of thought was put in by yours truly noticing all the details so you feel like navigation and interpretation is cake. The overlap, well, is to stimulate the non-cognitive; it's all feeling over there. So, bring a smile, or bring a frown. The choice is yours.

In my off-time, I enjoy trying everything firsthand, making attempts at humor, and being in water.